ARMA-GAN (480 g/l chlorpyrifos + 50 g/l cypermethrin) is a broad-spectrum insecticide for control of caterpillars, moths, mildew, thrips and aphids.
ARMA-GAN is a result from binding cypermethrin to chlorpyrifos, two active substances with differing mode of action, with similar effect that achieve higher potency and better protection against development of resistance. ARMA-GAN controls larvae and adults at each stage of crop development, highly active against resistant insects like thrips, the caterpillar Spodoptera frugiperda, leaf-mining moth, beetles, borers, pink worm etc.
The preparation permits application in large or low volume, both in terrestrial and aerial applications.


Chlorpyrifos – acetylcholynesterase inhibitor. Acetylcholynesterase is the enzyme for disintegration of acetylcholine (ACh) in the medium. During the synapse, the impulse is conducted by acetylcholine which is destroyed by cholinesterase and thus the synapse can be cancelled. When ACh is not destroyed, nervous hyperactivity occurs, which ends with the death of the individual. Chemical group: Organophosphate.
Cypermethrin – it is absorbed through the arthropod chitinous exoskeleton, it stimulates the central nervous system by competitive interference with cationic conductivity in the lipid layer of the nerve cells by clocking the nerve impulse transmission (causing hypersensitivity and paralysis). Cypermethrin causes nerve transmission block because of changes in К and Na permeability of the axon membrane of + + neurons; as well as by inhibition of Са and Mg АТРаse enzymes with 2 + 2+, which causes interference with calcium. It inhibits chlorine channels in GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and CAM (ubiquitous calcium modulating protein) by blocking calcium ion channels, thus increasing the levels of free calcium and acting on the neurotransmitters of the nerve endings. This results in paralysis and death of the insect. The basic site of cypermethrin effect is the sodium channel of the nerve membrane. Chemical group: pyrethroid.