TSAR (Lambda-cyhalothrin 106g/L + Thiamethoxam 141g/L) is a broad-spectrum insecticide particularly suitable for control of larvae and adults of chewing, biting-sucking and sucking insects such as moths, aphids, whiteflies etc., on cereals, sugar beet, tomatoes, vegetables, corn, potatoes, legumes, berries, soya and tobacco. It also prevents the incubation of eggs by direct contact with the spray. TSAR acts by contact with a rapid instant effect and by ingestion and possesses also a repellent аnd antialimentary effect. Furthermore, its systemic activity ensures control of pests that feed on cellular content. TSAR is characterized by its high liposolubility, therefore it is rapidly absorbed by the waxy layer of the insects. The preparation is highly resistant with a good leaf adhesion and it is not washed down by rain within 2-3 hours after application. TSAR is efficient even under conditions of high ambient humidity and/or low temperatures.
Thiamethoxam that acts by contact and ingestion, demonstrates translaminar activity and high systemicity in ascending form, possesses excellent acropetal translocation in the conductive tissue, and a small quantity of the product is transported through the phloem. Between 15-40% of the applied material is transferred in the foliage shortly after application.