WIN WIN is a unique fungicide for control of mildew in potatoes, tomatoes, ornamental plants, cucurbitaceae, onion, cabbage crops etc., with a synergic formulation that combines the systemic effect of propamocarb with the penetrating effect of cymoxanil.
WIN WIN is formulated as a concentrated suspension (CS) that contains 400 g/l propamocarb HCI and 50 g/l cymoxanil.


Propamocarb НС1 – systemic fungicide that belongs to the chemical group of carbamates. It acts by intervention in the synthesis of phospholipids and fatty acids, thus interrupting the formation of fungal cell wall. It affects the growth of mycelium, the production and germination of spores.
Cymoxanil – Cymoxanil is a penetrating fungicide with a translaminar effect, with a marked shock effect and short persistence. It acts by modifying fungal metabolism which results in their destruction. Even at very low doses it is effective against spore penetration of leaf surface. Furthermore, thanks to its penetrating capability, it can selectively destroy the fungal mycelium during the incubation period, thus preventing injury or damage to cultures.